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AR is a patchwork quilt of inquiries, pretensions, and marginally obscure tastes. Her name is two syllables (A-R, ay-ahr, ayar) not one, because it is not actually a name but a set of initials. She doesn't mind if you call her "ahr" anyway. And she finds the inevitable pirate jokes amusing, don't worry.


AR. Likes to play period characters, research their milieux like she's getting graded on it, and use pretentious French loanwords in a snooty accent when good old-fashioned English words do just as well.

Other facts about her: In her twenties, American, very interested in music, film, and popular culture in general. Old Hollywood devotee. Newly interested in science fiction. Always interested in Edwardian children's books. Thinks Bowie did it better than Gaga. Works a full-time job like a BOSS grown-up. Is probably not actually a grown-up, as evidenced by her use of the phrase "grown-up." Not as funny as she thinks she is. Kind of shy, but friendly! (Just get her started on movie musicals. You'll regret it.)

Also a fairly direct messenger to Pel, if for some reason you can't get a hold of him. She's even willing to poke him and ruffle his hair for you, should need arise. (Spoiler alert: he really hates it when you ruffle his hair.)

Who Again?Edit

  • Kay Eaton, aka "the reason she can never pick up another fiesty character again" [1]
  • MOAR TO COME hopefully

[1] Things AR is wicked paranoid about: Playing characters whose voices are at all similar. Playing Kay means never playing another female character heavily defined by her spunk. LUCKILY, THERE ARE MANY OTHER KINDS OF FEMALE CHARACTERS OUT THERE. She has every intention of playing those other kinds.


  • aim: here in my bag
  • email: athousandchurches at gmail
  • dreamwidth: ar
  • livejournal: she hasn't actually used it in literal years. please try other forms of communication first.