"Two Clouds were arguing, and one said to the other 'go jump in a lake'. It seemed like a perfectly ordinary day at Luceti--and then the other Cloud actually walked to the lake and jumped in.

Basically, for seven days, the affected become extremely open to any suggestion or order, including unintentional ones. Characters with willpower (or simply more merciful muns) may be able to resist some suggestions, but there will be an unmistakable urge to do as told."

The experiment is straightforward. As stated, all affected characters are subject to the power of suggestion. If your character is told to jump, they jump. If your character is told to cluck like a chicken, they cluck like a chicken. If they are asked to marry someone, then dammit they are going to marry someone. Of course, even if your character is affected, willpower plays a role in this. Your character, if they have a strong will, can resist commands.


The experiment ran from 12:00:00 AM on Monday, July 3rd to 11:59:59 PM on Friday, July 7th. The experiment ran 5 days, as opposed to the usual 7.

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Here, on July 30, 2009