Batty is NOT Batty Koda. However sometimes when the moon is full she pretends to be. That, and Batman. Don't ask about the plastic Batnipples. Just. Don't.

And now to bring your regularly scheduled Mun report, Batty starts off as a shy mun very reluctant to do anything or post anywhere. However as she becomes more comfortable with the game and it's players, the girl will come out of her SECURITY COCOON and just attempt to be everywhere. Please ignore her keysmashing, it's a natural reaction to compliments, shocking events, funny events, and all around... everything? Batty is a white, American fe-- no. Just no.

As we turn to her interests it's pretty much RPing, anime, manga, art, reading, and looking longingly at the kittens in a pet store. If approached in person, please act calmly. And sudden movements may result in an attack of tickling and or a glomp. To avoid such behavior it would be advised to coax Batty over with a treat. Perhaps something sweet. She'll come to you, and that's when you SEDATE HER WITH A TRANQ GUN befriend her.

Batty is the prime example that bug repellant does not fully repell bugs.

Batty is the reason why you don't pet animals you aren't familiar with.

Batty puts the reds in with the whites.

Batty hides her shoujo behind the dresser.

Batty IS able to recite the Batty Rap.

Batty tends to have multiple ships for one character.

Batty takes time to make up her mind.

Crazy McPsycho-Pants was Batty's alias before the Witness Protection Program.

More soon...