Malnosso DataEdit

  • Kidnappings: 00
  • Deaths: 00
    • Death penalties: 00

In-depth InformationEdit

Canon history: Final Fantasy wikia

Roleplay HistoryEdit

  • 11 January 2009 - arrival, invited to live with Jenny and Albedo at House #36
  • Valentine's Day event - matched with Irvine Kinneas, drew a rough sketch of a prospective shooting range
    • Nothing terribly intimate took place, save for a few unintentional phrases
  • 07 May 2009 - departed from Luceti (dropped)
  • 13 July 2009 - returned to Luceti (marking the return of the player)
    • Officialized return with an entry on 18 July 2009
  • 03 August 2009 - screamed passionately for five seconds, courtesy of Cloud Strife during August 2009: Hypnotic


Aerith Gainsborough - "What do we talk about? Hm . . . that's classified information."

Cloud Strife - "Whether we're friends or not is his call."

Emil Castagnier - "His friends seem to have confidence in him. He could use some of that."

Irvine Kinneas - "He's not at all bad. A decent conversationalist, to say the least."

Jenny - "She's a good person. She gave me a place to stay."

Gaignun Kukai Jr. - "What's there to say? He's an action kind of guy."

Kanji Tatsumi - "It's nice that he can sew. Not everyone can do it, you know."

Xigbar - "Interesting fellow. There's not much to say about him."

Yuffie Kisaragi - "She's strong. Well, in the mind. I can't speak for her strength yet."

Zack Fair - ". . . Friendly, isn't he? That's just like him."