There have been numerous questions as to what is an appropriate choice for character deaths and the penalties that result from said demises. To make things simpler and hopefully help players out, here's a list of guidelines for it:

  1. Be sure to choose a Death Penalty and clear it with a mod before your character is killed! Your penalty has to be approved, and we like to know what's going on when there's a character death.
  2. Be careful to pick a Death Penalty you can live with for a long time! The minimum before you can have the penalty removed is four months, so make sure you pick something that isn't too much of a hassle, like, for example, perpetually broken kneecaps or something.
  3. We've had a variety of death penalties in the past, and while we encourage players to be creative and choose one to suit their character or their own needs, there is a list below of some of the death penalties we've had in the past in case you need help with choosing one.

Previous Penalties

  • Memory Loss (Short term, selective)
  • Full or partial loss of senses (sight, hearing, voice, taste, touch)
  • Color blindness
  • Loss of certain abilities/powers
  • Loss of sense of temperature
  • Loss of feeling in limbs
  • Loss of a transformed state (eg. werewolf unable to change into wolf form)
  • Inability to digest solids

This is by no means a complete list, nor are the penalties limited to this.

How To Have It Removed

The process for removing a Death Penalty can be somewhat long at times, but we try to take care of them as quickly as possible when it's important. Here is how it's done, step by step:

  1. Post here and supply the necessary information. Make sure you qualify for the process first.
  2. The character must contact the NPC John; they can do this by tagging one of his entries on the Malnosso journal or calling him out directly on the journal system. A date for their special kidnapping will be arranged oocly (your choice, of course), and you're free to have your character kidnapped.
  3. The character should be returned from their kidnapping after about 3-4 days, though it's alright for them to stay longer if you're going to be on hiatus or something. Side effects may appear for a short while (more or less a week, but there is no set amount), but after they wear off the character is right as rain!
  4. If for some reason your character has two or more Death Penalties, only one can be removed at a time; ICly it's a delicate process. You can, however, pick which one will be removed, provided the character has had each for four months or more. Once the first penalty has been removed, you can start the process all over again whenever you like, though you may have to wait a while before John's willing to fix the next penalty.