General Info Nobody Cares AboutEdit

Golden is a massive derp who, despite only having ever RPed in very restricted, small settings before Luceti, just jumped into RPing at Luceti without really having any clue what he was doing. Somehow he managed to figure it out before destroying the integrity of the game - probably because he has friends that are much better than him at this. He seems to have a propensity for playing characters that are inherently annoying, and rambles far too often for his - or anybody else's - good.

Golden hopes that his roleplaying has improved considerably from when he first joined Luceti (as if that is actually difficult to do, because, ouch, that was bad) and that it will continue to improve so that he doesn't embarrass other muns.

Things to Keep in Mind About Golden:

  • It is always acceptable to tell him to stfu if he's been yammering too much.
  • He is obsessed with logic for no good reason and keeps trying to rationalize everything out, to everybody's eternal frustration.
  • Chances are he thought of that horrible thing before you did.
  • He will reference memes, Internet lingo, emoticons, and other such things in conversations, way too often.
  • He tends to be up at ridiculous times, and as such resembles a vampire, except instead of feeding off of blood, he feeds off of exposure to the Internet.
  • He is sort of shy around new people, but give him even a minute opening in a conversation and he will start tl;dring. (Then the first point applies.)

Note that Golden has no idea what he's doing with this page, so it probably sucks.