There really isn't much to know about Kyio that's actually ... important. Let's break it down anyway, lest tl;dr break out.

- She frets over almost everything she does. This is usually when she is yelled at by multiple people.

- She believes everything done has a logical explanation. Even if there isn't one, damn it all, she will find one -- whether it makes sense or not.

- She only plays in Luceti. Every time she tries elsewhere, she idles out rather quickly.

- She has taken to making her own icons for RP lately. However, it seems she only cares about making icons for Yuri Lowell because she fails at doing other things.

- On that note, never ask her to make icons for you if you need them right away. It'll take her anywhere from a week to five months to actually start on them. Again, because she fails.

- She is extremely forgetful. If a thread suddenly dies for no good reason, something she's in charge of suddenly grinds to a halt, or something you were hoping she'd do is never done, this is the reason why. One quick reminder clears this up immediately.

- If given the chance, she will tl;dr about every last thought process her character is having at the moment. She finds it fascinating, but others may find it wordy and unnecessary. Higher chances of this happening during fight threads.

- She is horrible at taking compliments. Really horrible. Any means of thanks will come off awkwardly. This may or may not be hilarious to some.

- She either knows everything that's going on in Luceti or next to nothing. It depends on whether she's gaming at the time or not.

- She is intimidated by more than half of the RP and hopes no one is intimidated by her. She's too much of a failbot irl to be intimidating.

- There is probably more to add, but she's too lazy to bother thinking up anything else. Way to tl;dr in a bullet-point-like format, Kyio.


Past Characters In Luceti Edit

Yukimaru (Disgaea 2), Hazuki (Tsukuyomi MOON PHASE), Kotori Monou (X/1999), Subaru Sumeragi (X/1999), Hiyono Yuizaki (Spiral), Subaru (.hack//SIGN), Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), Trucy Wright (Apollo Justice), Grune (Tales of Legendia), Luca Trulyworth (Ar Tonelico II), Leon Magnus (Tales of Destiny), Lymle Lemuri Phi (Star Ocean: The Last Hope), Rika Furude (Higurashi), Flonne (Disgaea), Kiyone (Tenchi Universe), Takano Miyo (When They Cry)

... and there might be more, but that's all I remember.