Kyosuke, often known as Kyo by the masses, is the one responsible for creating and maintaining this Wikia. Despite what he may have you believe, he is not an all-powerful Overlord who commands the entire universe. Just don't let him know you know, because he can and will bring down the Iron Hammer of Justice upon the mortal coil that binds your soul to this very world. Not even kidding.

Kyo is an avid gamer. Typically, if it's an RPG, he's very likely played it, especially if it's of the PS2 era. Some of his favorite series include; Tales, .hack, Shadow Hearts, Ar Tonelico, Persona, Star Ocean, Atelier Iris, Okami, Pokemon, and some others he's not remembering right now. He also watches anime and reads manga, but to a lesser extent because he is lazy.

Some things to note about Kyo... He is a rare specimen, a male roleplayer. He has a tendency to play protagonists (especially the idiot variety) and trolls. He is a walking sea of oxymorons and contradictions when it comes to his character traits. He's an amateur iconist, and made most of the icons he uses for Stahn and Gold himself. He's also a spriter, though he hasn't done any sprite work in months. He is a source of internet memes, including the infamous /Rattata and GET OUT. He enjoys Skype chats very much. He also enjoys recording lines for random threads with friends; better watch out, because some day, it may be yours!

Now that you've reached the end of this article... GET OUT


...No, seriously, get out.