Who the heck is Lexi?Edit


Lexi in her natural state. Maybe.

Lexi is a kawaii ramen yandere. Well, not the yandere part. And probably not the kawaii part, either. Okay, she just enjoys ramen a lot.

She has been playing in Luceti since July 2011. She has an obsession with her original characters (especially the ones named "Tori" and "Jeb" as well as shipping them together), Hello Kitty, cats, Jonathan Davis, and Kratos Aurion's butt. And ramen, obviously. When distressed, she spams a specific picture of Rena Ryuugu on her tumblr.

Lexi does her best to be a friendly and nice enough person. She's just a bit... uh... eccentric. Needless to say, Meowzy is one of her best friends. She ships many things with her characters that are Luceti related, but none of them will ever become Luceti "canon." Many episodes of crying deeply are to be had, perhaps.

Oh, right. She plays at Luceti.Edit

Lexi currently plays three characters:

  • Kratos Aurion (Tales of Symphonia)
  • John Edward Brunett "Jeb" Parmalee (Original Character)
  • Utena Tenjou (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

Amazingly enough, Lexi has not dropped any characters since first joining--however, she has only apped one since her initial arrival (Utena), since Kratos and Jeb were apped at the same time. She has considered several options for a fourth character when she feels she can handle it, because she has come to love Luceti more than she ever thought she would. Thanks a lot, you guys. :|