Basic InformationEdit

Name: Luc

Username: idle_magic

Series: Suikoden

Played by: Kestrel

Age: 17

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 120lbs?

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Appearance: Tends to dress in loose, comfortable, simple, plain-colored clothes. When he's not in his pretty mage outfit, at least. His wings in Luceti are white.

Birthplace: Crystal Valley, Harmonia

Abilities: He's the vessel of the True Wind Rune, and therefore a master of wind magic and anything else pertaining to wind. Other than that, he's practiced in all other types of magic (though he doesn't have runes for them) and has...actually befriended a few of Luceti's local spirits (Wind, Earth and Healing specifically) though he never actually uses the magic that comes with them. He's stubborn, you know.

Occupation: Seer's apprentice, mage, member of the Allied Army

Background InformationEdit

Canon HistoryEdit

Once upon a time, in the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia, two clones of the High Priest were created as vessels for the True Runes of earth and wind. It's speculated that High Priest Hikusaak himself created them, but he's been mysteriously nonexistent for the past few hundred years so nobody really knows. Except maybe the priests who were there at the time. Anyway, the twins were created to be runebearers so that Harmonia could be that much more powerful with their little all-powerful government-trained children. But then one day, the great seer Leknaat stole one of the kids and raised him as her own little apprentice mage. This was Luc. (Also, according to the manga adaptation, Luc was locked away by the Harmonian government because the True Wind Rune had fused with his soul and therefore made him more dangerous to keep around than his earthy counterpart. And then Leknaat came and whisked him away like a superhero or something.)

After years of living on an isolated island with nothing but Leknaat and the occasional group of Scarlet Moon government guys for company, Luc was sent off to fight under the banner of the Liberation Army, and watched a bunch of people die in the war. Once everybody was suitably dead and the Empire had been replaced by the Republic, he went back home for a few years before being sent off to yet another war. He wasn't there for long, however, as he ended up in Luceti barely a month after arrival.

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Point in CanonEdit

Luc was taken in the middle of an excursion to Greenhill Academy.

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