Basic InformationEdit

Name: Minako Aino

Username: love_me_venus

Series: Sailor Moon

Played by: Zappa

Age: 13

Height: 4'5"

Weight: Don't ask!

Hair: Blonde, approx lower thigh/near knees

Eyes: Blue

Appearance: here

Birthplace: Magellan Castle orbiting Venus/ Japan

Abilities: More detail you can shake a wand at!

Occupation: Sailor V: heroine, student

Original Application: here

Background InformationEdit

Canon HistoryEdit


Roleplay HistoryEdit

Minako arrived to be shortly greeted by Usagi. However, having not met Usagi in her timeline yet, it was rather awkward to talk to a girl who'd claimed to know her for a year. Minako quickly became the best friend she was meant to be however. The same came to be when Makoto and Hotaru had arrived, both having known Minako for quite some time.

Point in CanonEdit

The manga "Codename: Sailor V", predating the Sailor Moon series, i.e. before the Sailor Moon series begins.


Minako is one of the more athletic Senshi excelling in playing sports; particularly volleyball. She's almost always got a smile plastered on her lips and can smile through almost any situation. As silly and goofy as she may be at times, she knows when it's time for fun, and when it's time to be serious. She loves to chase pretty boys and teen idols when she can. She takes her role as "Senshi of Love" a bit too seriously, regaling friends and strangers alike with advice about romance; even when she can't quite get a date for herself. Strangely enough, an athlete like her has a huge appetite, comparable to that of Usagi! Minako likes to keep up with pop culture, keeping herself up to date on who or what is cool, and when the latest of anything was coming out.