Basic InformationEdit

Name: Nikki aka Slash

Username: limelight_slash

Series: Chrono Cross

Played by: Zappa

Age: 19

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 116

Hair: Black/red

Eyes: Blue

Appearance: here

Birthplace: S.S. Zelbess, El Nido archipelago

Abilities: While he's proficient in using innately blue Elements, his forte is using music as a means of offense, moreso than just smashing is guitar against people

Occupation: Rockstar

Original Application: here

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Canon HistoryEdit


Roleplay HistoryEdit

Since arriving, Nikki's been on a quest to start a new band, since he's rather certain nobody from his world is in this one. His grandest frustration with this search is finding a drummer. Selphie - Second guitar Salt - Trumpet Rinoa - Singer? Hijiri - Violin? Tifa - Piano?

Point in CanonEdit

Before the great Magical Dreamers performance at Marbule.


Nikki is in all definition a rock star, aside from all the negative aspects of using drugs and women... the unfortunate stereotypes. Aside from being an epic rocker, he's rather distracted. Oftentimes his head is in the clouds. He's usually nice and relaxed, smiling most of the time when you do catch him in his moments of paying attention. In those moments where he is focused, his attention is completely put toward that one thing, giving it his all to see it through. In his typical state of distraction and aloofness, he would seem like an airhead; barely knowing much outside his own world. But despite his spacey demeanor, and incredibly good looks, he's actually intellegent. Without prior knowledge of the vegitation, Nikki managed to figure out how to move some obstructing creatures based on the scent of local berries. Nikki lets his music take first place in his life, and has even set himself on a personal quest to find that one bit of inspiration, that one style, riff, line of lyrics, that one thing that will completely unleash his full potential and set his career as a rockstar into full throttle. Even though he's famous in parts of the world, he will still offer to play a tune here or there for free, or just take up his guitar where ever he happens to be and rock out on the spot. He'll happily go on, performing like he were at one of his concerts, even if he's by himself.