Basic InformationEdit

Name: Robert Alexander Hastings

Username: semper_cogitans

Series: Original Character

Played by: Golden

Age: 24 (Birthday on November 24, 2308 A.D., Standard Terran Years)

Height: 5' 04.7"

Weight: ... mun has to come up with a number that makes more sense

Hair: A dull mahogany brown

Eyes: Bluish-gray

Wing Colour: Resembling a European magpie's

Appearance: Mun needs to draw a decent reference 8 |

Birthplace: In Linden, at one of the industrialized adoption centres

Abilities: Is being smart an ability?

Occupation: Astrobiologist at the Randi Institute of Terra

Current Residence in Luceti: House 55

Original Application: It is here!

Background InformationEdit

Canon HistoryEdit

Will be added in future when mun can think coherently!

Point in CanonEdit



Too much tl;dr will go here in future. D8

Roleplay HistoryEdit

... Even more tl;dr will go here in future. 8|;


Robert's CR post is located here!