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Sasuke would prefer most of his Luceti history to stay history, though he's told bits and pieces of the less embarrassing stuff to Yamcha. For the most part, he hates the Malnosso and feels that they don't take him very seriously.
This time around his appearance has been altogether uneventful (with the exception of the Naruto-Itachi-Obito triple death affair), and he's mostly been hiding out in the Lab Ruins trying to salvage his pride, masculinity, and figure out why he killed Naruto.
As this is unacceptable, he has currently been kidnapped.

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Killed Naruto once, which turned out much easier than he expected (and harder at the same time). Most of his words were just threats to create distance, however it turned against him and he really ended up killing Naruto. Should he be happy? The results he wanted didn't happen, at any rate.
He woke up with her laying on him one day and they kinda just went from there. Since he killed Naruto, he wasn't sure what he wanted to say or how he wanted to react to her. The normal threats would have worked, but some part of him rejected it. Gaining distance from both her and Naruto is Sasuke's current priority.

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Sasuke doesn't mind Yamcha. In fact, Yamcha might actually be Sasuke's favorite person in Luceti. Weird concept, isn't it? ... Then again, considering how many people Sasuke doesn't like, maybe not. Consider it as a "by process of elimination" sort of thing.
There's nothing especially deep about Sasuke's relationship with Haine -- he moreso tolerates Haine than anything else. Sure, there might be some concern and loyalty in there from time to time, but in Sasuke's mind they're far from friends. Actually, he doesn't know what they are. Whatever it is, it's mutual something.
It's been a while since they've seen each other.
An idiot who got himself tricked by Sasuke on his first day back and became his servant. There's nothing that makes Sasuke dislike him (he has a smidgen of respect for his inability to be shaken by lame scare tactics), but he doesn't like him either. Too bad all the complaining reminds him of Naruto, which is a source of much frustration.

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Played By: Mandee
Journal: felltohate