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Name: Yuri Lowell. Unless you're LeBlanc or Zagi. Then it's YUUUURIIII LOOWELLLL.

Username: once_knighted

Series: Tales of Vesperia

Played by: Kyio

Age: Before coming into Luceti, he's 21. Since I made his birthday April 1st and that passed, he's now 22.

Height: 5'11"

Weight: Canonly, he's 117 lbs. Yes. I know. And honestly, in his canon, one punch from another character seriously did send him sailing across the room (2:22 - 2:47), and they aren't exactly the strongest ever. Anyway, for the sake of him not breaking in half while leaning over one day, I'm bumping that up to 125 lbs, even if that's STILL underweight.

Hair: Black, looks dark purple.

Eyes: Black/Dark grey

Appearance: Right here.

Birthplace: In the lower quarter (aka, the poorest section of town) of the Empire's captial -- Zaphias.

Abilities: This will have to do.

Occupation: I guess "Member of Brave Vesperia" sums it up. Either that, or we'll have to go with "Homeless Guy The Knights Constantly Throw In Jail".

Original Application: Right here.

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Point in CanonEdit

Post-Zaude, or for those who don't mind spoilers, right after this happens.


Christ, you do NOT want me to put my mass tl;dr here. Consider this a WIP until then.